Intelligent concept marketing
Intelligent Concept Marketing

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“Intelligent - Concept - Marketing”

Most companies just plod along and only take a look at what they are doing wrong when it is too late; when their competitors have overtaken them. Thats why we thing that our approach is unique. Its scalable, affordable and dynamic, helping our clients react to a changing market and stay ahead of their competitors and of course standing out from the crowd.

Intelligent - Concept - Marketing

Intelligent because we start our projects by monitoring your competitors, seeing what they are doing and understanding your market. Being analytical is important throughout the process, from the start with regular evaluation.

One of the most important things is knowing exactly how to interact with your potential customers. What will work, slick videos, high impact photos, product endorsement? We work with our clients to understand their business and their clients to ensure the right exposure for their brands

Part of an intelligent approach is e-reputation-monitoring, that is monitoring social media and the web for what others are saying about you. This helps to form marketing strategies and be more dynamic.

No or little point working hard and having a good website if your competitiors steal your content or images; so we work to protect your brand an monitor for any infringements.

We work with our clients on their concept and branding, from logo and website design to vedeos and photos to letterheads. Fact is you only have a few seconds to make an impact and keep people reading, maintain intertest.

Concept is all about building the brand and its image, your image, its had to say what you represent. It has to do that quickly and not leave a ponential customer confused about what you stand for.

Just having an expensive website that is not going to get you far. Why? well, here are a few common reasons for poor rankings on Google:

  1. No mobile version of site
  2. Slow page speed
  3. Mistakes in the code
  4. Dead links
  5. Duplicate content
  6. Poorly written content

Google is all about user experience and so are we. We cannot garentee you first place on google. What we can garentee is a fast, responsive and well written website that your customers will just love

One thing that we have learned about marketing is you really have to know your market to get your marketing right. You have to know how and when to engage with your customers, not too much and not too little. And yes, social media is where its at for most companies but not all, again its about understanding the market.

Working with our clients we create a strategic marketing plan with regualr evaluation, making little changes here and there to see what works best for you and your brand.

We have a number of targeting marketing options form Facebook, Google and Linked In to emails and beyond. Budgets to suit of course!

Intelligent Concept Marketing